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stampaggio materie plastiche e costruzione stampi

Prestigious technology and a state-of-the-art machines inventory

GIELLE PLAST has a comprehensive inventory of injection presses. Production is divided between two production units which both operate on a three-shift schedule. The available tonnage ranges from 50 to 600 tons, for a total of 30 machines.

All the presses are equipped with robots and various tools. Four of them can mould two materials at the same time (130t-150t-200t and 600t), all are equipped with a rotary table and an index system for the rotation of individual plates. Large tonnage presses (480t and 600t) are equipped with a sequential injection system and several accessories for complex moulding tests.

Several presses are equipped with automatic servo systems for the co-moulding of threaded or magnetic inserts, with 6-axis robots, on line hot blade welders, ultrasonic welders and pad printing devices The company’s ongoing research activities led to investments in low power consumption systems. Several presses are equipped with an integrated inverter or full electric system, and 2 presses have an injection system with nitrogen accumulator.

GIELLE PLAST chose prestigious brands as its partners, such as