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Testing is the key for quality

Since the beginning, GIELLE PLAST has always believed that the internal quality system should be developed along the lines followed by its customers with much larger structures. This way of thinking soon led the company to achieve the ISO 9001 system certification and, later on, the ISO 14001 environmental certification.

Then the company underwent process audits carried out by important customers such as UFI FILTERS, BSH, DE LONGHI Group and NESTLÈ, with very positive results. In 2015 GIELLEPLAST attained another imnportant goal, namely, the ISO TS 16949 certification.

Certification Download [PDF]

GIELLE PLAST has a laboratory of metrology that can supply the customer with several types of tests, with tools such as a JOHANSSON TOPAZ 7 3D automatic machine with automatic probing and rendering functions, interfaced with a FARO 3D arm for production and workshop measurements.

For the measurement of standard production processes, the company focuses on an OGP SMART SCOPE 250 LITE video-based machine and a HELIOS 350 profile projector. GIELLE PLAST sources the necessary templates and calipers from a skilled and trusted supplier.